Where to Submit this Winter


Hey there! Just because my submission train is slowing down doesn’t mean yours has to. I’ll be taking a break through the holiday, but in case you’re on top of your game and looking for markets, here’s a fantastic list of presses with open reading periods for full-length poetry manuscripts.

Once you’ve combed through that, here’s another awesome list curated by Entropy that will keep you busy with markets across all genres open through the end of winter and beyond.

Keep at it, seriously. Submitting persistently really does work, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. After tackling this like an animal since April, as of last week I’ve got three book projects coming out in 2015. I’m tapped out of stuff to send out, and am taking time to write new stuff! Stay tuned for more info about upcoming releases, and other updates.

Happy Holidays, all.

Subito Press Book Prizes


Hello! This one is pricey, but hear me out. The judges are fantastic and I’ve been super excited to send my manuscript here. Subito Press is currently reading manuscripts of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for their annual contest. Even if you don’t win in your genre, your book will still be considered for publication. They don’t have an open reading period other than these contests, so now is your chance to submit!

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Plain Wrap Press Open Manuscript Reading Period

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Full disclosure: I had no idea Plain Wrap Press existed until I noticed a friend listed it as a place he had published in. When I found them again and dug through their site, besides the excellent writing posted there, there was also fantastic news. Plain Wrap Press is currently reading chapbooks and full-length manuscripts (for free!).

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The 2014 Collagist Prose Chapbook Contest

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I had a different submission planned for today, but swapped things around when I was reminded about The 2014 Collagist Prose Chapbook Contest. I’ve got a nonfiction project that fits their requirements that I rarely get to send out, so this is great. I’d say more about it, but since they’re reading blind I’ve got to stay on the original topic! These submissions close on July 15th.

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Tupelo Press July Open Reading Period

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Before I say anything about the Tupelo Press open reading period for chapbooks and full-length poetry manuscripts, I want to be open about the fact that the reading fee is $28. I know that’s really high, but Tupelo Press is independent and nonprofit. If you’ve got the money saved away in your submission fund, this is a high-quality market that will treat your manuscript with respect. I’ve been focusing on free submissions for the last week or so to offset this cost a bit.

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Ugly Duckling Presse First Chapbooks Open Reading Period

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Yesterday’s post got eaten by the server trouble I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook. I’m sorting that out by spending a bit more to host, and the site will be down for a little bit next week while the transfer is happening. Because of that, though, you get two posts for the price of one today! As I tried to report yesterday, rejections are still piling in. Poems were rejected from Rattle and Sugared Water (four day response time on this one, though!), and a manuscript didn’t make it to the end of the Civil Coping Mechanisms Mainline Contest. A friend of mine was a finalist in that contest, though, so congrats to J. Bradley! Rejections aside, I sent out yesterday to the Ugly Duckling Presse open reading period for first chapbooks. This closes today, so if you have yet to publish a full-length book or chapbook, submit!

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The Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize

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I’ve got some updates to report! I finally got around to adding a couple of things to make the site easier to navigate. That “free submissions” category I promised is finally added to the drop-down menu, so from now on you can easily access a list the places I’m submitting to that don’t charge a reading fee. There’s also a new follow by email button, and lastly, I did a few tweaks to speed things up. That was all after a quick form rejection from Crazyhorse. All that said, if you’ve got a chapbook ready to send out, today we’re submitting to The Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize.

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Civil Coping Mechanisms Mainline Submissions


Civil Coping Mechanisms (CCM) is an amazing small press that’s always open for submissions. Their Mainline contest, which is only open for one week during the months of February, June, and September, isn’t a replacement for the regular submissions process. It is, however, a chance for rapid response on the manuscripts submitted during this period. It starts today, and only lasts a week. Read on, and get on this right away!

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BOAAT Press Chapbook Competition

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BOATT Press is kicking off in a big way. They opened submissions for both their literary journal (BOAAT) and a chapbook competition at the same time, creating an awesome buzz right away. Submissions to Volume 2 of their print journal will open July 1st (and we’ll be sending work there), but in the meantime, if you’ve got a chapbook, consider submitting it to this new contest. The judges are excellent, and the winner will definitely be  high quality manuscript.

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Cloud City Press Open Reading Period

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If you’ve been talking about or sharing this site, you’re amazing. When I started this project, I figured that a couple of close friends would check in on me once and a while just to make sure I was keeping to my word about submitting work every day. Over the last couple of days, thousands of new writers have taken notice, and the majority of those writers are using the Submission Tracker list and Submission Deadlines calendar. I’m super excited; getting to meet new writers and editors is the coolest and most inspiring thing about this! On topic, today I sent work to Cloud City Press, a small but awesome operation publishing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction chapbooks/novellas.

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