Coconut Books 2014 Book Prizes

coconut 2014 contestIf you haven’t yet, consider sending your poetry manuscript to one of the Coconut Books 2014 Book Prizes. They are reading full-length manuscripts until 6:00PM EST today. There are two aspects of these contests that make submitting one of the best ideas you’ll have today. First, they’re free. This is a rare thing with contests, and they are amazing for offering this opportunity. So amazing, in fact, that it would be awesome to support them by purchasing one of their titles in lieu of the contest fee. They also have free downloadable chapbooks to browse through as well.

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We Will Be Shelter–Poems for Survival

Write Bloody Publishing Submission ManagerWe Will Be Shelter, edited by Andrea Gibson and forthcoming from Write Bloody Publishing, has a unique focus. They’re looking for poems addressing a number of social issues, but the conceit of the anthology reaches much further. Rather than focusing solely on tragedies and injustices, according to their site, “alongside and embedded in featured poems [will be] concrete ways to address social and political issues raised.” I’m definitely enthusiastic about submitting to an anthology dedicated to positive change, and you might be, too.

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Sundog Lit

Issue Four Table of Contents   Sundog Lit

Today’s submission was to Sundog Lit. Publishing digitally four times a year since 2012, they appear to always be open for new submissions. I’ve decided to stick with female-friendly markets this week, and this literary journal is no exception. As stated on their website, they “encourage and want to see more submissions by women, people of color, and queer writers.”

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