Willow Springs Open Submissions

Messages Image(1702122058)We’re really cutting it close tonight. My Internet access today is a bit limited, so I sent my submission a couple of hours ago after a few failed attempts at uploading, and I finally resorted to stealing Internet from my cellphone to update you. Willow Springs is accepting nonfiction and poetry submissions for the next three hours, so if you’ve got the energy to fire off some work, there’s still time to sneak it in. If you’re not ready to submit but are looking for great reading, they’ve got back issues on their site all the way back to 1978.

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Heron Tree Open Poetry Submissions


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This site hasn’t gotten a ton of attention on Facebook, but I get super motivational support on Twitter. I just wanted to take a second to let you all know that you’re awesome. I mean, everyone reading is awesome, but you Twitter people with your direct message kindness and your retweeting are extra awesome. Today, we’re submitting poems to Heron Tree. They’re a young-ish market (about two) that aims to publish one poem a week. They also publish an annual print volume. If they love you, you get your own feature and an additional print publication. How cool is that?

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Rkvry Quarterly Literary Journal

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I’m having trouble getting my Ulysses submission to The Found Poetry Review just right (deadline tomorrow!), so I’ve adjusted my submission schedule to squeeze in poetry to Rkvry Quarterly Literary Journal instead. They’ve been publishing quarterly since 2004, including theme issues since 2010. It might have been in another last-minute scramble, but I’m glad I found them! They close their reading period on May 31st, so there’s a couple of days left to send work.

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Crazyhorse Open Submissions

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Okay. Some days things don’t go as planned. Some days you get a rejection or two on a day that isn’t already going your way. It happens. Writers are strong. We pick up and start over. Submitting work can be hard, and that’s okay. Today, after a ton of research, I sent work to a journal that is now defunct. When the submission bounced back to me, I broke away from my schedule and shot high. Instead of the scheduled submission, I’m submitting poetry to Crazyhorse, a journal that is old, prestigious, and amazing.

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CCLaP Publishing

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I research new markets every day, and have a huge list of places to submit to all the way through the end of summer and beyond. The part of this research I love the most (yeah, I love research, whatever) is getting to read the work my friends and colleagues publish. I’ve got nothing but awesome things to say about T. A. Noonan’s novella four sparks fall, so it made complete sense for me to read up on the publisher, CCLaP (the publishing wing of the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography). As it turned out, I also had nothing but good things to say about this market, so it definitely made it on my submission list. 

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The Gatewood Prize

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The deadline for The Gatewood Prize, hosted by Switchback Books, has been extended until June 1st! That’s a two-week extension, so if you were on the fence about sending your poetry manuscript, chances are they haven’t gotten many submissions. These are good odds. This particular contest is open only to first or second books by female authors. Please note that they consider the definition of “woman” to be broad, and will read manuscripts from all female-identified individuals. Translated manuscripts, however, are not eligible.

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Best New Poets 2014


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If you’re a poet that hasn’t published a manuscript, or have your first book coming out after November 1st, 2014, submit up to two poems to the Best New Poets 2014 anthology. The deadline is tomorrow, but the submission process is really streamlined and won’t take much of your time. They also do not consider chapbooks to be “books” for the purposes of this contest, so if you’ve got one of those (or more) out in the world, you’re still clear to submit.

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Five Quarterly E-chapbook Contest

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If you’ve got a spare ten dollars, consider sending your chapbook to Five Quarterly. They’re running an E-chapbook contest right now, and since the press and their journal is fairly new, there’s always a chance that there’s fewer submissions to compete with. They’re reading both fiction and poetry chapbooks, which is really cool, and one poet and one fiction writer (shouldn’t they be called something cool like fictionists?) will win 125$ and publication. In addition, the winners will also be reading at the Five Quarterly anniversary celebration in New York City in July.

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