Sink Review Open Reading Period

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As promised, this is a second post! Here’s the deal with Sink Review, which normally accepts poetry submissions throughout the month of June. They were actually on my list to submit to about a week ago, maybe longer, but their Submittable page wasn’t set as open to accept submissions. I emailed immediately letting them know and checked back a lot, and today it’s open and working. So despite what may have been a technical difficulty on their end, today is the last day to send them work!

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Ugly Duckling Presse First Chapbooks Open Reading Period

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Yesterday’s post got eaten by the server trouble I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook. I’m sorting that out by spending a bit more to host, and the site will be down for a little bit next week while the transfer is happening. Because of that, though, you get two posts for the price of one today! As I tried to report yesterday, rejections are still piling in. Poems were rejected from Rattle and Sugared Water (four day response time on this one, though!), and a manuscript didn’t make it to the end of the Civil Coping Mechanisms Mainline Contest. A friend of mine was a finalist in that contest, though, so congrats to J. Bradley! Rejections aside, I sent out yesterday to the Ugly Duckling Presse open reading period for first chapbooks. This closes today, so if you have yet to publish a full-length book or chapbook, submit!

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The Four Quarters Magazine Open Submission Period

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You’ve still got about ten days to submit to the “Big Love, Small Towns” issue of The Four Quarters Magazine. I’m a sucker for non-traditional,far-from-cliché poems about love, so I’m excited! The deadline is July 10th, so if you’ve got any nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art, or translations that might fit into this theme, follow the submission guidelines in the link below.

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Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art Open Submissions

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Sometimes, writers have to end their days crazy late because they have the equivalent of three full-time jobs on their plates. Today is one of those days for me. Before I head to bed and sleep for too many hours, though, I’ve got to tell you about Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art and its online component Catch and Release!

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The Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize

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I’ve got some updates to report! I finally got around to adding a couple of things to make the site easier to navigate. That “free submissions” category I promised is finally added to the drop-down menu, so from now on you can easily access a list the places I’m submitting to that don’t charge a reading fee. There’s also a new follow by email button, and lastly, I did a few tweaks to speed things up. That was all after a quick form rejection from Crazyhorse. All that said, if you’ve got a chapbook ready to send out, today we’re submitting to The Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize.

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Sugared Water Open Reading Period

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My day job has been crazy this week. I have a week off coming up, which will be glorious, but until then I’ve got to keep these updates short. I got another rejection today, this time from Radar Poetry, but as always, it’s okay! I’m sending that same awesome set of poems to Sugared Water, a relatively new but high-quality print journal. Editor-in-Chief Nicci Mechler has also recently launched Porkbelly Press, which will be open for submissions again in January.

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Gigantic Sequins 3rd Annual Summer Contest Series

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I took a short break during the day at work today, and when I checked my email I had received two rejections back to back within minutes of each other! Write Bloody Publishing and The Threepenny Review were definitely in cahoots today. Honestly, though, I’m glad to see status changes no matter what the outcome. It’s so hard to wait on so many submissions at once! On a lighter note, I’ve been sharing the Gigantic Sequins Summer Contest so often on social media that I completely forgot I hadn’t submitted there yet. It’s time to do that today! They’re looking for flash fiction and poetry.

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Civil Coping Mechanisms Mainline Submissions


Civil Coping Mechanisms (CCM) is an amazing small press that’s always open for submissions. Their Mainline contest, which is only open for one week during the months of February, June, and September, isn’t a replacement for the regular submissions process. It is, however, a chance for rapid response on the manuscripts submitted during this period. It starts today, and only lasts a week. Read on, and get on this right away!

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The Threepenny Review Open Submissions

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I promised an update to the calendar today, but it will have to wait another day or two. I spent the majority of the day today doing a complete overhaul of the way I organize submissions, and it was so beyond necessary. Full disclosure: I’m submitting from a pool of 74 publishable pieces from three manuscripts at once, and as you can imagine, sending out that much work at the same time can cause files and folders and labeling to get out of control. A couple of poems had two different titles sent out to different places. You know, stuff like that. Now that that’s fixed, I’m finally sitting down to send work to The Threepenny Review.

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BOAAT Press Chapbook Competition

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BOATT Press is kicking off in a big way. They opened submissions for both their literary journal (BOAAT) and a chapbook competition at the same time, creating an awesome buzz right away. Submissions to Volume 2 of their print journal will open July 1st (and we’ll be sending work there), but in the meantime, if you’ve got a chapbook, consider submitting it to this new contest. The judges are excellent, and the winner will definitely be  high quality manuscript.

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