Submissions – Black Balloon Publishing



Hey! Wow, do I have a ton of rejections to log. They flew in over the last couple of weeks while I was too busy to do much. If I kept a rejection jar (stick in a dollar or two every time a rejection comes through and take it all out when you get an acceptance–thanks, Leslie!) I’d really be saving a ton of money right now. Well, onward! Black Balloon Publishing is reading manuscripts for free, and I’ve still got a nonfiction manuscript waiting to find a home.

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Submissions – Hayden’s Ferry Review


What a busy couple of weeks. On top of my regular job, I had that amazing workshop to teach last weekend, and the FWA conference the weekend before. I’m glad to be back to my regular schedule, though. I’ve got a ton of ideas for new projects, too, and can’t wait to dig into writing/revising and sending those out. I’m also excited to share that Hayden’s Ferry Review just opened back up for submissions, and they’re on my list! Poets/translators, this call is especially for you.

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