Where to Submit this Winter


Hey there! Just because my submission train is slowing down doesn’t mean yours has to. I’ll be taking a break through the holiday, but in case you’re on top of your game and looking for markets, here’s a fantastic list of presses with open reading periods for full-length poetry manuscripts.

Once you’ve combed through that, here’s another awesome list curated by Entropy that will keep you busy with markets across all genres open through the end of winter and beyond.

Keep at it, seriously. Submitting persistently really does work, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. After tackling this like an animal since April, as of last week I’ve got three book projects coming out in 2015. I’m tapped out of stuff to send out, and am taking time to write new stuff! Stay tuned for more info about upcoming releases, and other updates.

Happy Holidays, all.