Civil Coping Mechanisms Mainline Submissions


Civil Coping Mechanisms (CCM) is an amazing small press that’s always open for submissions. Their Mainline contest, which is only open for one week during the months of February, June, and September, isn’t a replacement for the regular submissions process. It is, however, a chance for rapid response on the manuscripts submitted during this period. It starts today, and only lasts a week. Read on, and get on this right away!

All week, the top five manuscripts read each day will be announced on social media. At the end of the week, the finalists and contest winner will be announced, and the winner will receive publication. They have a very generous collection of sample work to read for free, and as always, check it out before sending in your manuscript. Their taste is very particular. They’re doing all of this reading for free, so do them the courtesy of making sure you’re sending them something that fits with their aesthetic.

As stated on their site, they’re “looking for work so conceptually or aesthetically innovative it simply can’t be published anywhere else, fully embracing the surreal, the avant-garde, the postmodern. Work in alternative genres is encouraged.” Send them your weird stuff! 

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Accepting: Prose and poetry manuscripts


Reading Period: June 23, 2014-June 29, 2014

Reading Fee: None




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