Gigantic Sequins 3rd Annual Summer Contest Series

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I took a short break during the day at work today, and when I checked my email I had received two rejections back to back within minutes of each other! Write Bloody Publishing and The Threepenny Review were definitely in cahoots today. Honestly, though, I’m glad to see status changes no matter what the outcome. It’s so hard to wait on so many submissions at once! On a lighter note, I’ve been sharing the Gigantic Sequins Summer Contest so often on social media that I completely forgot I hadn’t submitted there yet. It’s time to do that today! They’re looking for flash fiction and poetry.

The rewards look super interesting. Aside from the cash prize and publication, you’ll win prize packs from Barrelhouse Books, Poetry Society of American, Small Press Distribution, and Verso Books. I have no idea what those will contain, but I really want to find out!

As with most contests, make sure there’s no identifying information in your attachment when you’re submitting. The judges are Dawn Lundy Martin (her poems are so good, oh man) for poetry and Mat Johnson for prose. Click their names for some sample writing.

Good luck!

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Accepting: Up to three poems or 1,000 words of prose


Reading Period: May 15, 2014-July 15, 2014

Reading Fee: $5




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