Sugared Water Open Reading Period

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My day job has been crazy this week. I have a week off coming up, which will be glorious, but until then I’ve got to keep these updates short. I got another rejection today, this time from Radar Poetry, but as always, it’s okay! I’m sending that same awesome set of poems to Sugared Water, a relatively new but high-quality print journal. Editor-in-Chief Nicci Mechler has also recently launched Porkbelly Press, which will be open for submissions again in January.

They request a few specifics in your cover letter and in your submission. Put your contact information on each page, make your cover letter the first page of your submission, and include a 50 word bio. Follow the length guidelines below. Good luck!

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Accepting: Up to five poems, up to 4,500 words of prose, and up to five images


Reading Period: April 1-July 1 and October 1-January 1

Reading Fee: None




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