Sink Review Open Reading Period

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As promised, this is a second post! Here’s the deal with Sink Review, which normally accepts poetry submissions throughout the month of June. They were actually on my list to submit to about a week ago, maybe longer, but their Submittable page wasn’t set as open to accept submissions. I emailed immediately letting them know and checked back a lot, and today it’s open and working. So despite what may have been a technical difficulty on their end, today is the last day to send them work!

They’ve been publishing since 2006, so Sink Review has a great archive to look through if you want to browse before you submit. They publish a wide range of styles, and it’s free to send work!

As with my earlier post today, albeit for a different reason, you may not have much competition when submitting to this market. Since the submission manager wasn’t working before, people might not know that they’re taking submissions now. This might be an excellent time to sneak in up to five poems.

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Accepting: Up to five poems


Reading Period: June 1, 2014-June 30, 2014

Reading Fee: None




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