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As exhausting as balancing professional responsibilities might be, I love finding new literary journals to read, and am super excited when I come across one that differentiates itself from what’s out there. Tahoma Literary Review has published a great first issue, and the transparent way they run their small, independent operation is definitely refreshing.

Transparency, as I mentioned, is a big deal. At first I thought the submission fees were a bit steep and almost passed over the journal without reading any of the content. When I found out where that money was going, though, I definitely got excited. They pay that money back to their contributors! While this is common (although increasingly less so), I rarely see it with new literary journals. I’m happy to support them in this.

They’re also transparent about what their readers are looking for. Specifically, the three editors have posted statements on their website addressing this, and they’re worthwhile reads for not only preparing work to send to them, but for preparing submissions in general. You can find those statements here. They’ve also brought on a new nonfiction editor, so contrary to their last reading period, you can now submit nonfiction and flash pieces. Check them out; I’m excited to see how they grow with their second issue.

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Accepting: Up to 6,000 words of prose and three to five poems


Reading Period: Through September 30th

Reading Fee: $4 or $6




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