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I’m working six days a week for a while because of a wonky campus teaching schedule mixed with online teaching, so I’m extremely reliant on my daily checklists and other reminders to get things done in an organized way. That said, I definitely missed out on posting yesterday. I’m in the groove of posting M/W/F instead of every day while I’m teaching this overload, but sometimes schedules have to bend a bit. I’m really excited to write about Redivider today and get a submission out, though.

Redivider publishes out of Emerson College, and their print issues are beautiful. They publish two issues a year, and definitely feature quality work. If you’re curious about what kinds of pieces they publish, they regularly update their blog with samples from their published issues, as well as reviews about work they love.

Also of note is their aesthetic statement:

[su_quote]We do not subscribe to a particular aesthetic—though we like to think of ourselves as quirky and edgy—the QUALITY of the work is our main consideration.[/su_quote]

Make sure to include a cover letter with your contact information and the titles of your work. They accept submissions in more than one genre at once, so feel free to submit poems and an essay, for example, but don’t send multiple submissions to the same category.

Good luck!

[su_box title=”Things to Know” style=”bubbles”]

Accepting: Up to six poems, 5,000 words of nonfiction, and 10,000 words of fiction


Reading Period: Rolling

Reading Fee: None




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