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jpegI have to admit, I secretly (not so secretly anymore!) have an aversion to sending out paper submissions. This is bad, though, as there are still great markets out there that don’t deal with digital submissions through Submittable or other submission managers. Michigan Quarterly Review is one of those markets, and I’m getting over this weird phobia of formatting and mailing a hard copy of my work for the chance to send them some poetry.

Michigan Quarterly Review publishes four times a year in print, and digital versions of the published work are archived six months after the print publication comes out. You can purchase a subscription to familiarize yourself with them if you want to, which is always a great choice, but in this case you can read some writing from their digital archives right away. I suggest it!

The poetry I read was long and lingering on the page, full of excellent and precise language. I was surprised, though, at the lack of nonfiction included in the issues. If I had unpublished nonfiction sitting around, I would definitely send them that rather than poetry–the lack of representation in the issues might mean that they don’t get as many quality essays as they do poems or stories.

Again, don’t forget that they don’t take electronic submissions via email or Submittable. Use this address to send off your work!

Michigan Quarterly Review
0576 Rackham Bldg.
915 E. Washington Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070

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Accepting: Prose between 1,500-7,000 words, or up to twelve pages of poems


Reading Period: Rolling

Reading Fee: None




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  1. darkviolin (@darkviolin)

    It’s so discouraging, this paper fetish. When I think about the possible rationale for it, I feel worse. I have little doubt that it affects the material they publish, not just what they receive.

    BTW You’re doing a real service to us in this work.

    1. Nicole Oquendo

      You’re so kind!

      There are a number of organizational reasons for a print journal to keep paper submissions on hand, and I try to be understanding of that. It can be discouraging, so I try to think back to how excited I used to be to drop off all of my paper submissions at the post office. That same post office trip might not be on my way now, but if it’s a great print journal, it’s definitely worth it. There’s also less writing to compete with!




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