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Hello! Thanks for being so patient. My workload has been pretty insane leading up to the FWA conference. The standard rejections have been coming in without a break, but I got some great news today. My first chapbook is available for pre-sale! I’m super excited about every publication that’s come out of this Time to Publish project (I sent out to Finishing Line Press earlier this year), but it will be so amazing to hold a book that’s mine on every page. Phew! Okay, so submission time. Tonight I’m looking at Raleigh Review.

This journal focuses on poetry, short fiction, and art (sorry, nonfiction folk). They have a number of text and audio samples online to browse through. I don’t know about you, but for me having the audio samples is extra fantastic. Get to know them and spend some time listening to the music in the poetry.

When you go to submit, you’ll be directed to a new page: Tell it Slant. TIS is a community of literary journals, and you can read more about them here. Follow format and get your submission read (and hopefully published)–fingers crossed!

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Accepting: 4-5 poems and fiction up to 7,500 w0rds


Reading Period: July 1-October 31

Reading Fee: $1.50-$3




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