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Hey! Wow, do I have a ton of rejections to log. They flew in over the last couple of weeks while I was too busy to do much. If I kept a rejection jar (stick in a dollar or two every time a rejection comes through and take it all out when you get an acceptance–thanks, Leslie!) I’d really be saving a ton of money right now. Well, onward! Black Balloon Publishing is reading manuscripts for free, and I’ve still got a nonfiction manuscript waiting to find a home.

As common with most calls for submissions, have a look at what they’ve published in the past to get a feel for whether or not your work would be a good fit. The memoirs/novels they’ve published have strong historical settings, so if you’ve put a lot of research into your novel or memoir, this might be a good fit for you. If in doubt, it’s always kind to purchase one of the available books beforehand, especially since they’re reading year-round and for free. If you don’t have a manuscript ready just yet, they also host an annual fiction prize hosted during the month of October.

Other than the previously published work (which really is awesome), the thing that made me decide on Black Balloon Publishing is the notion that they “champion the weird, the unwieldy, and the unclassifiable.” This claim made me feel extremely comfortable with my decision to submit. If I had any doubts left, they would have been stamped out upon looking at their Submittable page. Here, they have a separate call for illustrated novels/works of nonfiction. Seriously, it’s like this place was made for me. My fingers are crossed!

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Accepting: Fiction and memoir manuscripts


Reading Period: Rolling

Reading Fee: Free




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