The Mission

Too often, writers new to publishing send out submissions like a blind pilot carpet bombing targets. I was guilty of this for years myself, unaware of the importance of getting to know each market I was submitting work to. Isn’t getting brave enough to send out work the hard part? Shouldn’t submitting work be easier? Unfortunately, bravery isn’t enough. Despite that, I hope to make submitting easier for all of us.

I learned the hard way that it’s incredibly important to research each market you’re considering as carefully as you can. Across over a decade of editorial experience, I’ve definitely seen submissions miss the mark at all stages of the process, whether they be individual pieces or a full-length manuscript. My mission is to save us both the embarrassment of submitting to a place without the necessary information.

Each day, I’ll be featuring a new market, and each feature will include facts like submission guidelines and reading periods, as well as an overview of the venue’s aesthetic, so that I can assist you in vetting possible places to submit your publishable work. Please click the links provided and explore each market further to ensure your work is a good fit. If you publish any work in a market you found using this site, please let me know so that I can document your success!

I’ll be submitting my work to the same places, and my goal is to do this for an entire year. After that, who knows. But you get my commitment now: 365 submissions in 365 days. You’ll get the scoop on my rejections and acceptances as well, and as you get to know me, you’ll learn that I’m too stubborn to fail.

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